About Us

All about Smiles in Australia

Excel, Innovate, Do only good.

We strive to ensure our loyal, friendly patients have the best quality of care we can possibly give them. We aim to provide this excellent care using clear, honest communication followed by uncompromising ethical treatment. We do this with a spirit of altruism and generosity that all people deserve to experience.


We believe that patients deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. We will always ensure that we deliver the best treatment that we can provide in a friendly and helpful manner. We will endeavour to do our utmost to facilitate consistency of care across our practice network so all patients are subject to superior dental care.


We believe in modern digital dentistry. This not only elevates our quality of care, but the use of technology enables us to be more eco-friendly, allowing the development of paperless practices which benefit the environment and also streamline the delivery of our services.

By informing our patients, we empower them to take responsibility for their own oral health so after the completion of treatment for them, they are shown how to take of the beautiful work we provide for them.

Our People

We foster & culture an environment for our family of employees to always excel in everything they do, innovate both in terms of treatment but also for the benefit of the environment. We believe in “only doing good”.


Our aim is to enable fair and equitable access to high quality dentistry regardless of your socio-economic status. We believe that it is a fundamental right of people to have superb oral health for the continuity of their lives.


Our success will be judged by the happiness of both our patients and the people we employ. The by-product of this success will be loyal patients who ensure the longevity of our company and loyal staff that contribute a part of their life to a greater good.